A Medium Licence allows riders to take their test on a 500cc motorcycle, allowing them to ride any bike not exceeding 35kW.  The minimum age for a Medium Licence is 19 years old and if a rider has passed a Light Licence – 125cc Test, a minimum of 2 years experience is required before an upgrade to a Medium Licence can occur.

You must complete CBT (which you can do as part of an intensive course), a motorcycle theory test and finally take both parts of the practical test on a 500cc motorcycle.


ER-5 Photo 2The Complete Bike Training Medium Licence Course will prepare you to pass the full test.  Our training courses are flexible and run 7 days a week.
You can run your training over weekends to fit in around work or choose to train with us during the week.

All our lessons are either half a day or a full day’s training – the
choice is yours.

Our modern, well-maintained fleet of 500cc motorcycles have been chosen specifically for their ease of manoeuvrability and we also have a low seat option available if needed!  Your instructor will be in radio contact with you at all times – so relax and enjoy yourself.

Our Medium Licence lessons are designed around you.  Most of our customers can expect to pass their tests after 3 or 4 days training.  The advantage to you of having your training based on your ability is you won’t be paying for more lessons than you need.

ER-5 SpeedoAt Complete Bike Training we have a great 1st time pass rate for both modules 1 and 2 of the test.  One of the main reasons this is higher than most schools is because we believe in giving our students all the training necessary (on and off road) to bring you up to Module 2 standard BEFORE you take Module 1.  Module 1 of the test requires a fair amount of confident machine handling and we believe it is wrong to expect you to take Module 1 until you are at the required standard to easily pass Module 2.  This approach does work as the number of our first time passes proves!

A typical Medium Licence Course will cover the following:

Introduction to the differences of the large and more powerful 500cc
motorbikes.  We conduct this in a safe off road environment before
transferring to normal roads.

On road, you will become proficient in pulling away into traffic, U-turns, roundabouts, junctions, road positioning, hazard awareness, observation, emergency stop, dual carriageways, overtaking safely, making progress, hill starts and gradients and counter steering.

As your course develops we will be polishing up on all your new skills and adding more detail to your ride.  Our intention is to properly prepare you to ride your motorcycle after test day – not just concentrating on a minimum standard pass (a practice adapted by some training schools).
Riding well is achieved by practice, together with confidence, forward planning, anticipation and good observation.  Our course will give you all this and more!

Towards the end of your few days with us, we will concentrate on giving you on and off-road practice of the required manoeuvres of the Module 1

This will include looking at pushing the bike both forward and backward, slalom and figure of eight (remember your CBT?), swerve avoidance and controlled stopping, the U-turn, slow riding and the emergency stop.

Test Day.  You will be accompanied to the local test centre for your
Module 1 Test in the morning, as part of your training.  This time is for a final polish and to get rid of any nerves.

Once you have passed your Module 1, you’ll have a final half day’s
training and your Module 2 test.  This is final preparation to get you
ready for your on-road test.  Relax, concentrate and enjoy the experience – you have been trained well.  Usually this happens in the afternoon.

Once you have passed your test, do not forget that we have a club for regular meetings and ride outs.

Well done!


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