Complete Bike Training Motorcycle Instructor Training

A professional Motorcycle Instructor has a very rewarding career which can be enjoyed either part-time or full-time.

Primarily a teaching role, an Instructor can be coaching a complete novice who is thinking of riding for the first time, offering support for a nervous rider, preparing a rider for a main test, giving advice to a returning rider or providing advanced courses in the UK or further afield.

It is therefore a very wide ranging vocation and every aspect has its own challenges.

The rewards can be substantial.

The route to becoming a fully qualified Motorcycle Instructor is generally;-

CBT Instructor. This role allows the delivery of Compulsory Basic Training courses at Approved Training Bodies (ATB’s). Training riders on motorcycles up to 125cc.

Direct Access Instructor. A DAS instructor is qualified to teach riders of motorcycles exceeding 125cc and offers training for riders wishing to take a full licence test.

Post Test Instructor. A Post Test Instructor – often referred to as an Advanced Instructor – is licensed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency to deliver training to riders who have already achieved a full bike licence, but are looking at further improving their skills set.

It is usual to start training to become a DVSA Qualified CBT Instructor first. This will have to be achieved before qualifying as a Direct Access Instructor. Instructing Post Test riders usually follows after Direct Access experience and is the final stage in becoming a fully qualified, professional Motorcycle Instructor.

CBT Instructor is the first step to qualifying as a Motorcycle Instructor and brief details of our CBT Instructor Training Course are;

CBT Instructor Training Course

Complete Bike Training CBT Instructor Training Programme is designed to be fully student centred and promotes the use of modern teaching practices. It is open to holders of a FULL CLEAN UK Category A Motorcycle Licence – held for a minimum of 3 years.

Our CBT Instructor Training Programme will cover all aspects of teaching learner motorcyclists basic training and the course allows time for gaining experience riding 50cc and 125cc bikes.

Teaching is a very rewarding role which demands good practice, patience, the art of encouragement, the ability to ride well in all conditions, to consider the welfare of students and others during training and also to deliver training in a fun, relaxed manner.

Our course includes the following to prepare you fully for this new and demanding role.


Housekeeping, boundaries and legal checks of driving licences, indemnity and eyesight (26.5m).


Background to CBT and CBT Instructor.

Down-trained/Cardington Assessed – incl. Supervisory side of qualification.

Proposed changes???

Teaching methods and delivery.

Fault identification and correction.

Methods and standards of assessment.

Introduction to role-play

How and when to use radios effectively.

Student Instructors own riding assessment and improvement – if necessary.

Including riding 50cc scooters and 125cc bikes.

Element A

Aims of the CBT.

Covering the importance of the right equipment and clothing.

Element B

Introduction of the motorcycle, its controls, stands, daily and weekly checks, wheeling bike and braking, starting and stopping the engine.

Element C – Off Road Training

Techniques to cover suitable lessons for CBT candidates to;

Ride in a straight line and stop

Using brakes

Using gears

Controlled stop

Riding slowly

Figure of 8

Rear observations and the introduction to OSM & PSL riding plans


The U turn

Emergency stops

Element D

Covering various topics with lively discussion preparing candidates for on road riding.

Element E – On Road Training

Covering various riding scenarios including roundabouts, junctions, bends, pedestrian crossing, etc. and how to deliver an effective after ride de-brief.

We also cover teaching/coaching methods, correct use of radios, health and safety, risk assessment, instructor riding ability and all aspects to help you train to become an effective and professional CBT instructor.

The course will last for 6 days and is based at our Telford site. Attendance is required on every day and Student Instructors will be required to attend the course on their own suitable motorcycle. A formal piece of written work is also required – as accurate record keeping is a necessary part of any instructing role.

After completion of the course, Student Instructors will attend the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency Assessment Centre in Bedfordshire. This is for a 2 day final assessment of instructional AND supervisory ability.

Successful completion of the DVSA Assessment will result in the Student Instructor being able to apply to the DVSA for a licence to professionally teach and supervise CBT’s.

Attendance of this final assessment is mandatory. The assessment will be pre-booked before the main course starts and is included in the course fees. Bed and breakfast costs and other out of pocket expenses are the responsibility of the Student Instructor.

The Complete Bike Training CBT Instructor Training Course costs £1250.

However, for those wishing to work for us after their successful assessment, we have special offer rates. Please ask for details and terms.

A £300 booking deposit is required with an application for CBT instructor training, the balance payable at the start of the course.

If you are interested in taking on this new and exciting role, please ask for an Application Form.

Direct Access Instructor

Having qualified as a CBT Instructor, you may now progress to coach riders on motorcycles above 125cc.

For this, you need to become a DVSA Approved Motorcycle Instructor.

We offer a comprehensive 2-3 day course building on experience learnt from CBT Instructor training to fully prepare you for this exciting opportunity.

Once again a DVSA assessment in Bedfordshire is carried out – but only for ½ a day.

The Complete Bike Training Direct Access Motorcycle Instructor Course costs £650.

However, for those wishing to work for us after their successful assessment, we have special offer rates. Please ask for details and terms.

Post-test (Advanced) Instructor

We are privileged to be able to offer an internationally recognised and highly coveted Diploma In Advanced Motorcycle Training allowing successful instructors access to the DVSA Register of Post Test Motorcycle Trainers.

This allows you to coach via the DVSA supported Enhanced Rider Scheme and to offer the very best in advanced motorcycle training.

Please contact us for full details.